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The Charming Little Town of Schwechat!

Located in the south-east of Vienna, Schwechat is an important Austrian town which is famous for its Schwechater beer. Air traffic to the town is primarily served by Vienna International Airport. The city is entitled after Schwechat River, which flows through the center of town thus, earning it significant recognition. The city was first mentioned in a document in 1334 and is home to the colonization Ala Nova of Roman Empire. Later on, Schwechat turned it into a sovereign city in 1954, adding to its glorious past.

The City Highlights

The prime attraction of Schwechat is the basement or mountain taverns, a range of taverns on the eastern peripheries of the village. Since 1960, Schwechat homes a huge outdoor pool in which there is an inside swimming pool since 1976 and also a skating rink since 1984. It’s simply ecstatic being here in this part of the city. As is the case with other Austrian cities, this one holds industrial significance too. The prime highlight here has to be the Austrian national oil company OMV and refineries.

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